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When Your Life And Healthcare Needs Cross Paths You Need To Be Prepared.  Here At Vivna Inc. We Make Getting Health Insurance Easy And Affordable.
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When Your Life And Healthcare Needs Cross Paths You Need To Be Prepared.  Here At Vivna Inc. We Make Getting Health Insurance Easy And Affordable.  Call Us Now To Get Your Coverage Started Today! 866.793.2301

Vivna Insurance

Here at Vivna Insurance, we offer a wide range of health insurance products to ensure we can meet every client’s needs. Every client and every family has different needs. Some need health insurance with dental vision & hearing, some may only need health insurance, and some may want life insurance. Every policy is different but all policies are built with the same care and understanding of our client’s personal requirements. We understand health insurance can be very confusing. The laws are changing daily and requirements are changing every year. You as the consumer really don’t know what the changes may be nor what tomorrow will bring. That’s why you need Vivna Insurance. We can help you navigate through the changes and options to make sure you as the consumer are protected.

Securing Health Insurance

Securing health insurance is easy. Securing the right health insurance with the right coverage at an affordable rate can be confusing and difficult. Vivna Insurance takes that confusion and those tough decisions and breaks them down into easy to understand points, and puts the best available options together for you. This way, you can make an educated decision based on you and your family’s needs. There’s nothing more important than knowing you and your family have the health coverage they need.

What We Do For You

Shop Your Best Options

Vivna Insurance will run your insurance requests based on your needs through all major carriers to ensure we find the best option available for you. All carriers have different coverage at different pricing levels. Some carriers have life insurance as well. We will eliminate all the hassle and find you the best policy that fits your budget.

Explain All The Options Available To You

Insurance options in every state are different. Every state has changed insurance laws that limit the coverage or prevents you from gaining coverage. We are here to explain your options and prevent you from purchasing a policy that doesn’t fit your needs.

Answer All Your Questions

Do you know what insurance carriers are available in your state? Do you know what has changed with the benefits offered in your state? Do you know if you can keep your doctor? How much are my prescriptions going to cost? These are the questions we will answer to get you the coverage your family needs.

What We Offer

Health Insurance

Everyone gets sick, our children hurt themselves, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Get the health insurance coverage you and your family need. Call today for your free quote.

Supplemental Insurance

Health insurance is just the beginning. Then you have Dental, Vision, Critical Illness, Hospital Confinement and the list goes on. Let us help you get all the coverage you need. You can never have too much coverage. Call us now to discuss your options.

Life Insurance & Final Expense Coverage

Funerals are expensive. Bills still need to be paid when one passes. Make sure the next generation of your family is protected with financial security. Ask your agent what your best course of action is. Start passing down generational wealth with Life Insurance.

Vivna Insurance
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Shanyn Warren-kimsey
Shanyn Warren-kimsey
20:09 22 Oct 20
Jessica Grant and Alice P. were phenomonal. Both went above and beyond to meet my needs. They are a great asset to... your company. I appreciate their service more than I can ever say.Thank you both,Shanyn Warren-Kimseyread more
Pamela O'Conner
Pamela O'Conner
18:04 30 Sep 20
Buying insurance over the phone with an agent sharing the highlights of a policy is risky business. What is not... acceptable is not receiving a Summary Plan Description via email, or text link so you get the next level of vital information when making a healthcare insurance choice. Vivna repeatedly expected me to make a decision without sharing a summary plan description. Don't do it. This is a flawed business model and high pressure sales tactic, although they disguise in in niceties. AARP, AMAC and other brokers will all share the Summary Plan Description. Its one thing to know you have a $25 copay, its another thing to know the plan allows for only 3 visits during a year. That may be enough for some people and not for others. Do not buy insurance from anyone, who won't provide an SPD. SPD's are summry documents easy to read with important provisions and limitations. Always ask! Vivna has a terrible model, what are they hiding? Buyer beware!read more
17:18 15 Sep 20
Great costumer service Angel treats me like family, also addresses me by name
Jane U
Jane U
21:20 15 Jul 20
I just signed up and my coverage hasn’t begun yet so I can’t vouch for the company or the plan, but Jessica was... very helpful and positive and professional. She answered all my questions and walked me through every step of the application process. Excellent agent!read more
Mariangel Angeles
Mariangel Angeles
15:54 05 Jun 20
The team at Vivna is great! They were SUPER patient with me in explaining each different plan to me. Helped me pick out... a health plan that best fit my family’s needs. When I did need help with some information, I thought I would be on the phone for an hour trying to get a hold of someone but no! They picked up fast & helped me in a matter of 8 minutes. Glad I choose them. Thank you all at Vivna ❤️read more
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