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What Are Health Sharing Plans?

Health sharing plans are a fantastic alternative to traditional health insurance. Health sharing is a medical cost-sharing arrangement established so that you may share legitimate health expenses between members. Health share plans are also a good alternative to traditional medical insurance programs because they typically can have lower cost fees, and can address potential expensive healthcare requirements that could arise that may not be included in a direct primary care health insurance program.

How Do Heath Share Plans Work?


Health share plans typically help you better manage the expense of what can be expensive health care costs like hospitalizations, MRIs, specialist visits etc. As an active and valued member of a health sharing program, you typically pay a specific amount for a visit, treatment, etc., and the share pool will then pay the remainder of the bill. This is not unlike a copay or deductible scenario.


Health share plans can be affordable alternatives to medical insurance programs because it’s recognized that members use less expensive healthcare than typically averaged across a traditional health insurance plan. We work with companies such as ASH Community Based Medical Expense Sharing, Sure Bridge, The IHC Group, and others.


For instance, and as an example only, a health share plan can cost up to 40% less than a traditional health insurance plan, making them a growing and popular option.


At Vivna Insurance, we can help you compare traditional health insurance options to alternative medical insurance programs and health sharing options that suit your needs. Contact us today or see our health share product pages to learn more. Then call us to get your free no obligation comparison and quote to start saving immediately.

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